Clive Barker - bestselling novelist, film-maker, playwright, photographer and artist

The Clive Barker Archive collates Clive’s works in all media, including his working notes, papers and sketches for hundreds of projects – both published and unpublished – dating from the mid-1960’s to the present day.

Launching in 2016, the Clive Barker Archive offers a unique insight into the creative workings of a multi-media artist.

With plans in hand to create a permanent public gallery space in London, sections of the archive will also be presented online. The Clive Barker Archive will continue to create texts and publications exploring Clive’s work, documenting previously unpublished material and celebrating his influence on a generation of creative film-makers, artists and writers.

Phil and Sarah Stokes – authors of the Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy series and the Revelations website – are Clive’s long-time archivists:

“Phil and Sarah understand me better than almost anyone on the planet. They have an encyclopaedic knowledge of who I am and what I’ve done.  My relationship with them is one of the great friendships of my life and the permanent placing of my archive with them is a natural culmination of this great, long relationship. They will display many of my works, including handwritten manuscripts, original art and much more.  I am moved beyond words, and I’m pleased to no end to be able to make this announcement here and now.”

Clive Barker



Clive's earliest creative projects pushed the boundaries of what is possible when limited resources are met and overcome by the enthusiasm of a close-knit and collaborative group.  The archive reveals many previously unseen sketches, texts and photos from these formative years.


With a fearless disregard for the constraints of genre, it is three decades since Clive broke into literary consciousness with his Books of Blood and Weaveworld, whilst Hellraiser enthused cinema audiences with a first taste of his distinctive imagery. 



His name established, Clive has continued to inspire, shock, challenge and agitate in all media whilst mentoring and encouraging creatives around him.  His working methods, captured in his archive, reveal the influences and beliefs that have infused a lifetime of work.   

Volume 3 of the Imaginer series, the ongoing presentation of brand new digital capture images of Clive Barker’s works on canvas, is published by the Clive Barker Archive

“If people want to know who I am or where I get my ideas from or why I write the things that I do, Imaginer is the answer to that question."

Clive Barker, The Hollywood Reporter, 2014


Picking up the reins from Century Guild, Phil and Sarah Stokes – authors of the Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy series and the Revelations website and Clive’s long-time archivists – continue the multi-volume publication of the definitive collection of Clive’s oil paintings in the vibrant colour and depth showcased in the first two volumes.

 “We’ve been happily involved with the Imaginer series since its inception and we’re delighted to be bringing the whole venture into the Archive project.  Our goal is to bring the finest quality books and other materials to the many friends we’ve come to know through Clive’s works over many years.  Our heartfelt thanks to everyone in advance for your support!”

Phil & Sarah Stokes


Imaginer Volume Three is now in stock and shipping


We are delighted to report that Imaginer Volume Three has now been published - featuring an afterword by the influential and hugely talented dark artist, Chet Zar - and it continues the unparalleled presentation of Clive's artwork from previous volumes. 

Continuing the series, we are currently selecting the artwork for Imaginer Volume Four and we will have discounted pre-order options available here in September 2016. 

Building a working archive

The digitisation of the archive is an ongoing project with the intention of making it increasingly available for public viewing and study. The Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy series of books draws together many elements from the archive to describe the continuum of Clive’s artistic vision. The Imaginer series of volumes offers a view of Clive’s work in oil on canvas, employing specialised scanning to reproduce canvases with an incredibly high degree of fidelity.

Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy: The Works and Worlds of Clive Barker

Memory, Prophecy and Fantasy is the continuing project to document the evolving themes, concerns and passions within Clive's work. With full access to Clive's archives and invaluable contributions from his friends and closest collaborators, for the last fifteen years we have been piecing together fragments, scripts, sketches and ephemera to chart the successes, the failures and the what-might-have-beens, compiling the definitive and illustrated portrait of Clive's work.

What started as a personal exploration into the plays performed by the Dog Company in the years before Clive rose to prominence with his eponymous Books of Blood has blossomed into a multi-volume series that will ultimately cover all of Clive's works, all the way from those earliest plays through his more famous works and right up to the present day.

"I sobbed my heart out because there were so many things in there that I hadn't thought of before. Amazing. Breath-taking. And you have captured, or quoted, or found things I just would not have remembered in my life, you know? I think in some ways I was crying for a life that I'd forgotten. You know, my thoughts, and meanings: you are the keepers of those."

Clive Barker

Volume One - Liverpool Lives

Volume One - Liverpool Lives

Volume Two - Dog Tales

Volume Two - Dog Tales

Volume Three: Masquerades

Volume Three: Masquerades

"I sat down and read from page one through both of the books you did about my life and putting all those pieces in order with all those wonderful illustrations and, I have to tell you, the critical analysis that you guys did of all the material is second to none, it's absolutely breath-taking... Watching you summarise the plays and the stories and then draw it out in a very straightforward, clear fashion what the salient points are: breath-taking. I just wanted you to know that...
"And what the two of you have done with these books, what you are doing, is going to be - when all of us are dead, unfortunately! Certainly when I'm dead! - is going to be a matrix, a model for a way that people won't do things in the future. Just as people don't do things the way Cocteau did things - back in the Fifties there just weren't the models - people don't make art that way anymore and I think the models will have changed again. What you're doing is, doing for me, is what nobody ever did for Cocteau which is to preserve everything. We know almost nothing about his early drivers. We know them only as echoes of what Picasso was doing, we know what Picasso was painting and we know Cocteau's there because he's in a drawing but quite what he was doing there at the age of twenty... ? You know, he obviously was doing something of significance because he's in all the drawings and all the photographs, but nobody knows. And you've done that for me. You've filled in all the blanks."

Clive Barker

Clive's artwork at Century Guild Fine Art, 2014

Hellraiser at The British Library, 2014

Frankenstein in Love at The British Library, 2014