Imaginer 3 - Update

With most copies of Imaginer 2 now safely arrived in their new homes (and thanks for all the great feedback you've sent us on it!) and ahead of the 1 June 2016 date for the reduced pre-order price of Imaginer 3 rising to retail price, we thought it was time for a quick progress update on Book 3.

Clive is delighted with this new volume of Imaginer (phew!) and has been leafing the pages of the colour proofs.  On the final pass, he offered just a few last-minute gracenotes and the inclusion of a couple of additional images.  We decided it was more important to make those final touches than to stay rigid to our print deadline. 

As a consequence, that's pushed back the release of the book to July 2016 instead of June - but we're already working hard on Imaginer Volume 4 and that one's right on track for early next year.

We'll get these books into your hands just as soon as we can - and copies of Books 1 and 2 will be available in the store soon for those back-filling on the collection...

With huge thanks for your support!

P&S and Clive

(Oh, and here are a couple of sneak-peek page spreads from the upcoming Imaginer 3)