Imaginer 3 - Now Shipping

Shipments of Imaginer Volume 3 have arrived in our twin hubs of London and Los Angeles and we're delighted to report that the very first of the pre-order copies went out in the mail earlier today to new homes all around the world!

Over the next few days we'll be working through the remaining pre-orders and getting copies out to their owners as swiftly as possible.

We'd love to see you share your photos and comments as you receive your books?  

Clive says he 'adores' this new volume and we're incredibly pleased with both the quality and the content.

Huge thanks again to Chet Zar for his afterword in this one.

If you've not treated yourself to a copy yet, please do!  Every new sale makes the completion of the series possible and funds the archiving of Clive's work for new  and existing fans, readers and friends.

Early news: we're deep into preparation on Volume 4, with canvas selection and image capture already underway - more updates on that one as we go...

Oh, and sales of Volumes 1 and 2 will start here in late August for those wishing to catch up with earlier volumes.