September Update - Imaginer

We’re conscious that we’ve been a little quiet in recent months about timings for the next volume of the Imaginer series, but we’ve been working hard behind the scenes!

Happily, all of the images and all of the text are now firmly in the hands of our pre-press guru, James, and we’ll be opening pre-orders for Imaginer 7 in two weeks’ time, on 1 October.

We’ve sat with Clive for many hours at his home in Los Angeles and, over the course of several cups of tea and amid some passionate debate, we’ve together selected another wonderful gallery of artwork for Imaginer 7…

…and we’ve completed the selection for Imaginer 8 too…

So the good news is that most of the content for Imaginer 8 is also being prepped and preened so that it can go to print right behind Imaginer 7.  We’ll hold fire on taking pre-orders for that just until we’re sure that everything is in order for that final volume.

That said, if you’re keen to have your name included in the ‘with thanks’ section of the last Imaginer book, be aware that we may have a quick turnaround time to get those names in, and for pre-orders in general, so please make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter (link below) as we'll send a note out ahead of time.

With the print schedules involved in delivering these beautiful books, we don’t expect Imaginer 7 in hand until after Christmas but – all being well – the New Year should bring two volumes and complete the series!

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