Shipping Update and Black Friday

Imaginer Six

With our US shipment safely delivered to Los Angeles, we're anticipating that US orders of the sixth Imaginer volume will start to be fulfilled over the next week or so! 
Here in London, we're finalising arrangements to receive the second part of the shipment this week and those copies will then ship around the UK and far beyond. All deluxe edition copies also ship from London as they are hand-finished here. Look out for those shipping notification emails heading your way...
As ever, a huge thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered the books and continue to support the Imaginer series!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all our fabulous customers a very Happy Thanksgiving, we’ll be running a Black Friday Weekend Sale.
With reductions right across the  store, the sale will run from Thursday 22 to Monday 26 November.

Imaginer updates!

Forgive us for being a bit quiet here over the last few weeks...  we and Clive have been busily working to make Imaginer Volume 4 as full of exciting images as we possibly can! In fact, we've jam-packed so many paintings into this book that we've decided to drop the section of exhibition photos this time to make way for more close-ups of the artwork. 

Imaginer 4 proofs - including close-up spreads of The Izabella and Air Martyr

Imaginer 4 proofs - including close-up spreads of The Izabella and Air Martyr

With proofs returned from the printer for inspection and hard work from all of the team, we've now approved it for printing and can update on delivery times - we expect the books will be with us in March and as soon as we get a detailed schedule from the printer we'll share that with everyone.

As well as finalising Volume 4, we've spent the Christmas break (well, some of it at least!) drafting the selection for both of the next two volumes and Clive is looking at those as we speak.  

Thank you to all of you who have already secured your copy of this limited edition, without exception you have been lovely to talk to and we look forward to getting your copies safely to you. If you've not yet ordered a copy of Imaginer 4, do please remember that the lower pre-order price is only available until 31 January - so grab that whilst you can!

Copies of earlier Imaginer volumes are also available now in the store.


Imaginer Volume 2 Production Update

Clamshell Edition

Clive has signed all the bookplates and the books are being packaged to send out from Los Angeles to eager waiting hands! 

Regular Edition

The regular edition copies are, however, being reprinted due to imperfections in the covers. They are at press as we speak and are being prioritised for delivery as soon as possible. These copies will be shipping from Century Guild, which currently anticipates an early April shipping date.

More soon..!