Lord of Illusions

Spring is in the Air

Recent arrivals at the Archive

With Spring sunshine tinting London with its energy, the Archive is all set for new projects over the next few months. As we take stock of recent acquisitions, we realise it’s over a year since we shared some of the things that have been added to the shelves here, so there’s much to catch up on!

The handsome Beardless Warriors / Brothers in Arms set arrived on our doorstep from Gauntlet Press just this week, bearing Clive’s cover art on the second volume, and over past months we’ve seen an ever increasing number of publishers with local language editions of the Shining in the Dark anthology, containing Pidgin and Theresa. Cemetery Dance also produced a chapbook of artwork by Erin S. Wells, inspired by the stories of the anthology.

Non-fiction additions include Jon Towlson’s take on Candyman (including an interview with Bernard Rose), ESC / Bragelonne’s Hellbound Heart translation which includes an interview between Clive and Pete Atkins and accompanied its release of Hellraisers 1-3 on Blu-Ray, and Manchester University Press offers a collection of pieces focussed on various aspects of Clive’s work edited by Sorcha Ní Fhlainn.

But it’s often some of the older, ephemeral things that become uncovered - often with thanks to friends of the Archive - that are most unusual: as Hellraiser debuted on VHS rental in 1988, New World produced a promotional standee featuring the box office data from The Hollywood Reporter on the back; and a set of Murray Close’s black and white contact sheets for Hellbound has happily found its way to the Archive some thirty years after they were created.

Promo VHSs for Gods and Monsters and Lord of Illusions sit next to a much more recent DVD release of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which features Clive’s art on the walls of the Academy of Unseen Arts throughout, and the new Blu-ray release of Candyman.

Of course, Clive’s own notes and working papers form the backbone of the Archive and his manuscript of Heaven’s Reply and a hand-amended Tortured Souls screenplay are new additions.

The growing complexity of the Abarat plot demanded that, whilst writing the third volume, Clive kept a firm track of characters and places by creating a pinboard of index cards, each one devoted to a plot point - these two cards were recently rescued from a water-damaged storage area deep under his library. Once dried off, they could be safely added to others in the Abarat papers, together with the proofreader’s marked up pages for Absolute Midnight.

More news on upcoming projects to follow!

What's new..?

Recently arrived to add to the archive, here's a quick look at some of the things that have come our way!


First up, the fabulous original art for the cover of one of the first run Nightbreed comics (issue #12). Painted by John Rheaume, this representation of Rawhead Rex has superb attention to detail. This photo doesn't do justice to Matt Ryan Tobin's stunning art, shown here on the Arrow Hellraiser steelbook and Christopher Young's soundtrack on vinyl (it's also on a glorious Mondo poster which is currently heading to the framers!) 

Other movies here - a Spanish language VHS of Lord of Illusions is new to us and the new Kino Lorber Rawhead Rex Blu-ray was released last month. The Art of Horror Movies is Stephen Jones's latest offering from Applause - a fascinating walk through poster and press art from around the world (including work for Hellraiser sequels, Nightbreed, Lord of Illusions and Quicksilver Highway). Hugely insightful and definitely recommended.

Thanks to Cemetery Dance for advance copies of Detours (contains A Night's Work) and Reading Stephen King (with Clive's 2007 speech to the Canadian Booksellers Association), and to Steve Dillon for the Hellraiser-inspired Empath's Tale collection. Earthling Publications' beautiful lettered edition of The Scarlet Gospels is a great addition to its suite of CB publications.

Last, but not least, we love this Candyman figure! Sculpted in polymer clay, Clay Disarray produced this figure as a one-off to create a photographic poster for the movie and we're delighted to give it a home in the archive. (There's also a Clay Disarray Pinhead out there somewhere..!)

A quick reminder that we're turning around orders for the new Clive Barker Playscripts within 24 hours, so there's still time to get copies for you or your very best friends for Christmas!

Archive updates!

Collecting and sorting Clive's work is only part of what we do and in the last few months we've had lots of great opportunities to share the manuscripts and artwork far and wide.

In the gallery here, we've recently added images including behind-the-scenes shots from Hellraiser, storyboards from Lord of Illusions, rarely-seen material from publishers for Everville, Imajica and other novels and manuscript pages from Abarat and The Scarlet Gospels.

If you've not visited in a while, do go take a look!

Recently, we've been working through lots of new manuscripts and notes for projects both published and unpublished - it's like constructing a multi-dimensional jigsaw as we place work thematically and chronologically, often sheet by sheet. As the collections come together we're then able to make them available in different ways.

Some of the recent requests to share material in publications have come from:

  • Arrow Films (The Scarlet Box - Hellraiser Blu-ray set)

  • The British Library (Horror: A Literary History)

  • Gauntlet Press (The Great and Secret Show, Everville, forthcoming)

  • Seraphim Ink (The Thief of Always anniversary edition)

  • Fiddleblack (The Last Illusion)

  • Dark Regions Press (The Body Book)

...with a few more waiting in the wings...

And next up from us will be our book on the making of Hellraiser, the Imaginer art volumes and a series of Clive's plays.  More news to follow!